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littleiif you’ve read this blog for a while, you may have one nagging question.
“why do you write in lowercase?”
after all, my profession is editing.
shouldn’t the use of all lowercase letters go against every fiber of my being?

well, to be perfectly honest, not really.
in fact, if anything, it frees me up.

i could get all super spiritual and tell you it’s because i want to be less, Christ more. that by making “i” little, and capitalizing only Him, i’m putting myself in my place. that’s kind of a reason, but if i’m honest, not the real one.

one could even say i’m just lazy and that’s why i love lowercase.

but there’s something about the flow of ideas that just comes faster when i don’t burden myself with capitalizing.

i’m a rules boy, and if i focus too much on the grammar rules, i get sidetracked.

sometimes i just need to write.
sometimes the ideas just need to come.

and while i very rarely indulge this kind of “go with the flow” attitude in every other area of my life, there’s something about writing that has to be unhindered.

sure, i have writing “rituals.”
i like writing in the morning—if i have an idea.
i like to be well caffeinated.
i can’t have a lot of things on my to do list.
i like to wear a cape. (just kidding about that one, but not a bad idea.)

but when a thought comes, i just need to follow it. mainly because the ideas come sporadically.
some weeks i write a lot, other weeks i’ve got nothing.

so i’m sorry if the lowercase trips you up. but for me, it’s a way of expressing my words in a different way than in my professional life.
it’s a way for me to write more from my heart, less from my head.

writing in lowercase is a way for the ideas to flow, and for God to move.
some times those two even intertwine.
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  1. Lesson learned….You can’t judge a letter by its size. You are just a lowercase kinda GUY !

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