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by tim walker i never thought i would live past 30. call it a romanticized notion. i was a moody john hughes anti-hero. a misunderstood, no one gets me misfit wrapped in preppy clothes. wanting to be in the spotlight, but not really. wanting to be loved, but not knowing… 

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by tim walker if you’ve watched a lot of movies, or even the evening news, you know this truth . . . escapes are hard. people don’t just walk out free and clear. well, that is unless you are the apostle Paul and Silas experiencing a divine jail break (Acts… 

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i don’t have a monopoly on words. i realize that i’m not the only writer in the world. there was a time when that immobilized me. i quit writing because i felt like my words couldn’t hold their own in a world where people can so freely express themselves. but… 

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i like superheroes. i even believe myself to be one on occasion. not in a “pick up a car” kind of way, or “tackle a mugger.” but when i swoop in and save the day, i feel like a justice leaguer until i realize my shirt is riding up over… 

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the taming of the sass mouth

i’ve always had a wicked tongue. i can slice and dice with the best of them. i’m not physically strong, but i can hold my own in a cut-down, and there’s an evil pride that comes over me with a well-delivered, verbal blow. i feel like a super villain engaged… 

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geek dad, athletic kids

God loves irony. how do i know this? well, it’s not from a particular Bible verse. it’s from my own life. (disclaimer: for my theological friends, i get that a God who sees and knows all really isn’t ironic. irony is from our perspective. but just roll with me here,… 

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enough for today

an expensive night at the ER. a car that’s in the shop for yet another repair. looming big expenses in the next few months that i’m just not sure where the money will come from. i’m a pretty good budgeter. i squirrel away funds. but these things are beyond my… 

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no shiny happy parents

i’m not going to pretend that this parenting thing is easy. that if you do all the right things, everything works out great. because people don’t work that way. relationships don’t work that way. if you combine a+b you’ll don’t always get c. that’s the way algebra works, not parenting…. 

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silent nights

400 years. that’s how long God was silent between the Old and New Testament. the last thing anyone heard from God was through the prophet Malachi. then 400 years. our country isn’t even 400 years old. 400 years ago, was 1617. i can’t imagine God being silent for that long…. 

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me no talk good

sometimes i envy people who can’t speak. not the ones who are afraid to talk in front of others. i envy the mute. i envision them walking around with a tablet or a mini-whiteboard, writing down their thoughts. there’s a luxury in writing. i can compose words. visualize them. edit… 

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love said not so

some people find God on a mountain peak. others in the power of a waterfall. i find God in heartbreak and sorrow. it’s one of the reasons i was so disoriented when i first got married. so much of my closeness to God during my single days was during times… 

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