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not just a moment

when i was 13, my mom died. the last interaction i had with her when she was conscious was awkward. i brought all my 13-year-old angst to the conversation. (here’s the recap.) i never had the chance to speak with her after that. i wish i could say that was… 

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not my battle

David fights the lion. David fights the bear. David fights the giant. David is going to be king. David becomes king. blah, blah, blah. i’ve heard all the David stories from the Bible. he was great. he loved God. i get it. not too long ago, i reread 1 and… 

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the humility of connection

growing up, i had a hard time connecting with my dad. as a kid, all i could see were the differences between us. i liked to read comic books. i loved to draw. i would play with action figures for hours. or make spaceships out of boxes. i loved TV,… 

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graveside stories

i did something a little odd the other day. i went to the cemetery and took pictures. i don’t normally hang out in graveyards, but i had a reason for being there. my aunt died. my dad is the youngest of 11, and this was the funeral of one of… 

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welcome to the cave

my wife is incredibly social. she can talk to anyone, and anyone talks to her. she’s one of those people whom random strangers seek out to divulge all kinds of information. she can ride in an elevator with someone and know more about their lives than a close friend would… 

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valentine’s day challenge 2014

a few years ago, my wife and i decided to rethink valentine’s day. valentine’s day has always been a challenge. there are so many factors that sabotage the day, like . . . kids getting sick paying a sitter, but then not being able to afford to go out the… 

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if you’ve read this blog for a while, you may have one nagging question. “why do you write in lowercase?” after all, my profession is editing. shouldn’t the use of all lowercase letters go against every fiber of my being? well, to be perfectly honest, not really. in fact, if… 

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