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valentine’s day challenge 2015

for the past few years, valentine’s day has been challenge. not in a “this is hard” kind of way, but in a friendly competition way. (if you’re not sure what i’m talking about, read this post from last year.)

and for most of the years we’ve done this, my wife, jennifer, has won. she’s good at the game. she’s focused. she’s creative. and me? well, i get a little distracted.

but this year, i knew i had a chance.

we started out weeks ago, by picking our theme. the 2015 challenge was “something for our home that reminds us of our marriage, and is under $40.”

and on february 13, we unveiled our projects.

here’s jennifer’s entry into the 2015 challenge. and i have to admit, it’s really good.


first of all, i do all the laundry in the house. so she got me there. but the saying on the side really explains our hectic, awesome, action-packed life. we sort through life one load at a time, working together and leaning on God to handle whatever comes up. so what about the pillows, you may be wondering? well the brand of the pillow was “charisma” and it’s part of our back story from years ago when i worked at a Christian bookstore. i’ll tell that story another day.

Tim_VDayChallenge15here’s my entry. inside this box are cabinet knobs of all shapes and colors. and like an assorted box of chocolates, each cabinet knob has a meaning to it. there’s a bird knob that symbolizes our kids. a tree knob that symbolizes our life. a key knob that symbolizes our home. i made a guide to show what each one means.

so when we met and presented our gifts, we named this year’s winner . . . and it was me.

now i don’t get a trophy, or even bragging rights. in fact, it’s more about the creativity than anything else. i think we both impress each other with the unique perspectives we bring. and besides that, it’s just fun!

besides, my wife is really good at this challenge. so i need to enjoy this victory year. it might be awhile before i have another.


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