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unlocking level 44

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august 30 is mi cumpleaños. no, i’m not spanish. but i took two years of spanish in high school and two in college, so i have to use it somewhere. (and i’m too scared to use it at a mexican restaurant in fear or what i might order or how i might insult the server.)

44 years. seems like only yesterday i was celebrating 40, now here i am halfway through the 40s. even 30 seemed like the other day.

for those of you new or not yet in this decade, let me give you a little tip—the 40s are, well, different.

i’m not a gamer. i could barely operate an atari joystick back in the day and now my video game experience consists of slinging a little bird via a slingshot. but the 40s are like you’re playing some huge video game, and you unlock a character or level. (i know this because i watch my boys play video games.)

except, it’s a mixed bag. sometimes you unlock things that are good, sometimes it’s things that are not so great, and other times it’s just different. here’s what i’ve unlocked so far:

    • i somehow unlocked a genetic code that when i look in the mirror, sometimes i see my grandfather’s face and body shape. this one has prompted me to spend a little time on the treadmill every day and join weight watchers.
    • i can’t eat certain foods. dairy is no longer a good friend. fortunately, bread still is.
    • i can’t eat at taco bell. taco bell is a young man’s restaurant. enough said.
    • i don’t feel like i have to prove anything. this is a good thing.
    • i have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for where i’ve been and what i’ve been able to do.
    • i feel a little caught in the middle professionally—between where i’ve been, where i am now, and uncertain about what’s next.
    • i’m having to hold things further away to read the labels.
    • i may or may not be losing my hair. i’m in denial.
    • i dress for comfort, not necessarily for style. fortunately, t-shirt and jeans are in style.
    • lesson i’m finally learning—all-you-can-eat buffets are not good for me.
    • my favorite times in the world are not necessarily about what i’m doing, but who i’m with. disney was fun this summer, but what was even more fun was being there with my wife and boys.
    • what i think i’m good at and what others think i’m good at it can differ. sometimes that means that i find other outlets to do the things i think i’m good at.
    • sometimes valley times with God can last years. you just keep walking.
    • i love my wife now more than when i married her. when we first married it was about trusting someone enough to dive into the unknown with me. we’ve walked through a lot, and i believe now more than ever that i picked the right person.
    • life is tough for firstborns. you stumble your way through parenting with them. i hope my oldest doesn’t need too much therapy.
    • i realize how quickly time is going. my oldest only has three years of high school left. i want him to grow up, i just will miss having him around. i miss him a lot now as he spends more time with friends, sports and church.

sometimes i forget things. which means, there are probably additional items i could put on this list. i just can’t think of them right now.


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  1. LOVE this imagery! I’ve unlocked level 40 and starting to realize similar things. lol Thanks for the laughs!

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