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top 10 posts of 2014

thank you to everyone who read this blog in 2014. sometimes i write words and wonder why, then i get an email or a comment or a retweet, and i think, “oh, that’s why.”

or tumbleweeds roll by and i simply drift off to sleep.

i’m not out to change the world. i just want to provide some insight, give some direction, show a glimpse of my crazy, internal world.

here’s a list of the top 10 posts from 2014. these posts seem to connect with people the most. if you’ve missed one, simply click on the link to read it. or share one with someone who may need it.


10. after the storm 

9. martha

8. wired

7. valentine’s day challenge 2014

6. the myth of the perfect kid

5. the hope rebellion

4. graveside stories

3. awkward church moments

2. a big green egg

And the top post of 2014 is . . . .

1. silent nights


have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year! i’ll be posting again some time in january.

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