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the dairy fiend

image courtesy of flickr.com/creative commons/by photographerpandora

we used to be friends. best of friends. we would hang out all the time—enjoying meals and snacks together. after all, aren’t some of our most memorable moments with friends around the table?

and then, one day, you turned on me.
you hurt me.
you brought pain into my life.
and everything changed.

sure, there had been a few rumblings for years.
but nothing like this.

nothing like the discomfort and pain you have caused me.

and i can promise you that we’ll never be the same.
we can never go back to what it once was.
sure there’s forgiveness.
but what you’ve done to me? well, it’s crossed a line.

what used to be so comfortable, so normal, now brings nothing but heartache.
we can’t just hang out.
everything requires forethought. planning. searching for alternatives.
because i can’t count on you anymore.

ice cream.
cream cheese.
real cream cheese icing.
alfredo sauce.
cheese enchiladas.

all of you. you’ve turned on me.
we had something special once. for years, nothing but good times.

but now it’s over.
and i’ll settle for substitutes, but we’ll never have what we once had.
all because of you, dairy.


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One thought on “the dairy fiend

  1. Hahaha! I could write several letters like this: to jalapeños; to my knees; to my back; to chocolate. And the picture is perfect. Wishing you a painless Thanksgiving feast! 🙂

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