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adventures in small talk: episode 3

if you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’re well aware of my small talk deficiency. after a couple of minutes, my ability to engage someone in conversation quickly expires to the point of a milk carton in a college student’s refrigerator. (see my previous posts, adventures in small talk… 

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adventures in small talk: episode 2

if you’ve seen my previous post, you already know that i’m socially awkward when it comes to small talk. i lack an athletic gene, and i’m also missing a small talk gene. and while Facebook allows us to become more connected in an easy way, unfortunately it has contributed to… 

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adventures in small talk: episode 1

there are a few things missing from my dna strand. in addition to an absence of athletic ability—which somehow got passed from my father to my brother, and skipped me—i also lack a small talk gene. i have the complete ability to shut down a conversation and lead it to… 

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