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superhero tee


sometimes at work, i wear my superhero t-shirt.
not because i need to make sure everyone knows what a geek i am. they already can guess that. just talk sports with me. you’ll pick up on it.

no, sometimes i wear a superhero t-shirt because some days require a superhero.
that’s right, in real life, it’s not the giant robots that provide the biggest threat.

it’s the deadlines.
and the words that have been written.
and the words that have to be edited.
and the projects that have been owned by someone.
and the annoying emails that have to be sent to get answers.
and the questions that have to be asked.
and the problems that just need someone to find a solution.

i wear a cape every day. (well, not literally. i adhere to edna mode’s “no capes” rule.)
at work.
at home.

because sometimes you just have to fight.
sometimes you just have to hold on to something until you can find a solution.
sometimes you just have to step in and save someone who is overwhelmed.
sometimes you just have to say, “i’ll take care of that,” for the problem that no one seems to care about.

so yeah, i wear a superhero shirt.
not just because i love superheroes.
but because some days i have to be one.


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