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one more thing

on a Sunday morning a few years ago, i watched a pastor on stage holding about six pieces of luggage. when i first saw the luggage sitting to the side at the beginning of the service, i thought “oh, he’s going to use the whole baggage analogy about how we… 

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watch me as i tweet

i’ve noticed something on twitter. it doesn’t have a hash tag. it won’t show up in the top 10 list. but it happens a lot. i don’t think there’s an official name for it, and if there is, it doesn’t matter because i’m making one up. it’s called the passive… 

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10 minutes

if you read my blog last week, you know that we recently moved after living in the same house for over a decade. we live in the same city, even in the same zip code. we just moved 10 minutes away. yet right now, it feels like a world away… 

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after 11 years in the same house, we moved. from all outer appearances, our old house was simply that—a house in a neighborhood filled with many variations of three to four floor plans. but in those 1800+ square feet, it was a place filled with so much life, so many… 

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trust course

the trust course. you immediately got an image in your mind, didn’t you? it’s the team building equivalent of the Olympics or the quickest way to an insurance co-pay: standing on a chair and falling back into a group of people’s arms; helping each other over a large wall; jumping… 

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signs i’m getting older

on August 30, i turn 45 years old. i’m okay with being 45. really. it’s just, well, it seems to be going really fast. i can vividly remember my 40th birthday party like it was yesterday, but it was five years ago. it doesn’t feel like a lot has changed,… 

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my father-in-law, steve olin, has an amazing gift. he can take something old, repurpose it and make it new again. i walk into a thrift store and see junk, he walks in and sees potential. and not only does he see what it can be, but he also has the… 

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the great outdoors

my boys love to be outside. my oldest loves to fish. he keeps a fishing rod in the back of his truck. my two youngest spend countless hours in our cul-de-sac basically running a sports camp for our younger neighbors. you could say they’re a lot like their dad, but… 

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chair #1 or chair #2?

there’s one way to create tension in my relationship with my wife, jennifer. it has nothing to do with clothes left on the floor. or dishes left in the sink. or toilet seats in a certain position. it has to do with choice. specifically, purchasing something that costs hundreds of… 

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relationship changes everything

remember high school. (for some of us, those are repressed memories. if that’s you, unfurl yourself from the fetal position and rewind with me.) remember walking into the cafeteria to the sea of faces all with one thing on their mind—“where am i going to sit?” and as you searched… 

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the day i stopped running

i used to run. all the time. i don’t run anymore. for those who know me well, you’re probably saying, “what?” after all, i don’t like exercise. there’s nothing enjoyable about it to me. no high. no sense of accomplishment. just pure annoyance. so let me clarify. i used to… 

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