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architecture. there, i can spell it correctly. i always have been able to. but for some reason, i didn’t in the middle school spelling bee. i remember that moment on stage. they called out the word. i spelled it out. and they told me it was wrong. i was in… 

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stage sight

this may come as a shock to some people, but i use to be a singer. as a kid, i loved music. i would sing “love will keep us together” by captain and tennille everywhere i went, much to the annoyance of those around me. when it came time for… 

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when i was in high school, i infiltrated the AP program. advancement placement. gifted. the supersmart kids’ class. i had tested for AP for both history and english, but came up a few mocking points short. but for some unforseen reason, i got into the AP health class. health was… 

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after the storm

Have you ever gone to bed and woken up the next morning to find that a storm had blown through? Not just raindrops on the ground, but debris everywhere. Tree limbs laying in the yard. Leaves scattered across the driveway. You may have known a storm was coming—the weatherman predicted… 

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the good roommate

most people think that because i’m a writer and editor, i read a lot. honestly, i don’t. after editing documents all day, the last thing i want to do when i come home is read. but a couple of weeks ago, I was home alone. and instead of sitting in… 

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there’s more than one way to God. before you post a comment or tweet that i’m a heretic, hear me out. i firmly believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to God and that the Bible is God’s Word, error-free. i also believe in the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…. 

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now that 2013 has drawn to a close, i can look back on this past year and identify two prevalent themes woven throughout the year—money and boxes. unfortunately, the year did not involve boxes of money. 2013 was an expensive year. some things were very good things, and some of… 

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best of 2013

i love best of lists. it’s one of my favorite parts about the year end. here is a list of the top 10 posts from in 2013, based on the number of views. 10. the taming of the sass mouth
 i have a wicked tongue, but i’m trying to… 

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not your typical leadership tips

i have been in the workplace for over 25 years. i have had good bosses, okay bosses and a handful of horrible ones. i had one boss who was a chain smoker. she would only be in the office for about an hour or two during the entire workday because… 

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family press conference

i really don’t like repeating myself. i like to say something and be heard the first time. i really don’t like repeating myself. i like to say something and be heard the first time. yeah, the being-heard-the-first-time doesn’t happen very often. the problem is that when it comes to my… 

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breaking bad

life has been really good lately. we moved into a new home. we’re adjusting to the “new.” we have some good friends in our lives. our health is good. we’re paying our bills. our family is doing well. life is good. in fact, it’s too good. it’s been a while… 

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