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the humility of connection

growing up, i had a hard time connecting with my dad. as a kid, all i could see were the differences between us. i liked to read comic books. i loved to draw. i would play with action figures for hours. or make spaceships out of boxes. i loved TV,… 

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the hope rebellion

i have a cynical, sarcastic edge to me. i can easily think of something inappropriate and snarky to say. and i can find the negative in just about anything. maybe it’s my generation. “x,” they called us. we grew up on john hughes films, not high school musical. we struggled… 

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i used to walk on the treadmill every day. a few years ago, i realized that my old, reliable metabolism had decided to rebel against me like an angst-ridden teen in a john hughes film. so every day, i would get on the treadmill and walk for about 30 minutes…. 

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the best

(note: i wrote this several years ago, but it still rings true. it just shows up differently now.)  put me on a baseball field or place me on a basketball court and you won’t see a trace of competitiveness. i really could care less about winning or losing at sports…. 

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awkward church moments

my younger brother, marc, is the cutup. he was the one who would make my aunts and uncles and grandparents laugh. i was not. i don’t know why i was so intense as a kid, i think it just took everything way too seriously. i probably still do. but there… 

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graveside stories

i did something a little odd the other day. i went to the cemetery and took pictures. i don’t normally hang out in graveyards, but i had a reason for being there. my aunt died. my dad is the youngest of 11, and this was the funeral of one of… 

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someone to watch over me

i believe there’s something innate in every one of us, something that we all secretly crave but don’t articulate. i think we all secretly desire for someone to watch over us. regardless of whether you are male or female, within each of us, we want to know that it’s not… 

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welcome to the cave

my wife is incredibly social. she can talk to anyone, and anyone talks to her. she’s one of those people whom random strangers seek out to divulge all kinds of information. she can ride in an elevator with someone and know more about their lives than a close friend would… 

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valentine’s day challenge 2014

a few years ago, my wife and i decided to rethink valentine’s day. valentine’s day has always been a challenge. there are so many factors that sabotage the day, like . . . kids getting sick paying a sitter, but then not being able to afford to go out the… 

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architecture. there, i can spell it correctly. i always have been able to. but for some reason, i didn’t in the middle school spelling bee. i remember that moment on stage. they called out the word. i spelled it out. and they told me it was wrong. i was in… 

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stage sight

this may come as a shock to some people, but i use to be a singer. as a kid, i loved music. i would sing “love will keep us together” by captain and tennille everywhere i went, much to the annoyance of those around me. when it came time for… 

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