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the myth of the perfect kid

we parents are an emotional, neurotic mess, aren’t we? sure, some of us are better at hiding it than others, but push the right button or confront the right issue, and every one of us comes to a point when we feel helpless. clueless. lost. we knew so much. maybe… 

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jacob and esau

sometimes all it takes is one word to bring clarity. as an editor, if i’m on my game—with the perfect blend of coffee, a good night’s sleep, a good playlist and some good snacks—i notice when a word is omitted. i read through a sentence and think, “what?” as i… 

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God is more

i may be more. (see last week’s post.) but God is so much more. God is more than my iPhone. He is more than my iPad. He is more than Steve Jobs. He is more than a brilliant actor. or media-obsessed celebrity. He is more than a great song. He… 

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i am more. i am more than a husband. i am more than a dad. i am more than a son. i am more than a son-in-law. i am more than a friend. i am more than an editor. i am more than a project manager. i am more than… 

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i leak

i leak. yeah, that’s kind of awkward. don’t start emailing me depends coupons. this isn’t one of those “hidden secrets of your 40s” thing like your eyes change or that you ache a little bit when you get out of bed. but i have this problem, i leak emotion. now i… 

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hello, my name is martha. no, i’m not martha stewart. my home doesn’t look like a pinterest board, nor do i care about having just the right place setting for every occasion. no, i’m not martha white. although she does make a good muffin mix. and no, i’m not my… 

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20 years

20 years. 20 years ago today, a beautiful 25-year-old woman trusted her heart to me. not just for a day, or a month, or a year. but for a lifetime. before that day, it was uncertain if i would even be trustworthy of such a gift. i was scared. i… 

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not my battle

David fights the lion. David fights the bear. David fights the giant. David is going to be king. David becomes king. blah, blah, blah. i’ve heard all the David stories from the Bible. he was great. he loved God. i get it. not too long ago, i reread 1 and… 

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superhero tee

  sometimes at work, i wear my superhero t-shirt. not because i need to make sure everyone knows what a geek i am. they already can guess that. just talk sports with me. you’ll pick up on it. no, sometimes i wear a superhero t-shirt because some days require a… 

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two brothers

  the prodigal son is a story that i’ve visited time and time again. the story, found in Luke 15 has many layers. (not like an onion, more like parfait. after all, everyone likes parfait.) i’ve been thinking a lot about the story lately. in the past, i’ve seen myself… 

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unlocking level 46

so i turn 46 this weekend (august 30). some say with age comes wisdom, but i’m finding there is a lot more than wisdom in that “benefits package.” here are 10 things i have learned, experienced or i’m processing at age 46. 1) i no longer can shop in the… 

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