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fishes and loaves

almost every day for lunch, i eat a lean cuisine meal. (lean cuisine, feel free to sponsor me.) not because i’m trying to lose weight, even though i should be. but because it tastes good, it’s cheap and i hate going out for lunch. lunch is a necessary evil for… 

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the next phase

a few weeks ago, i went with my oldest son to his freshman orientation at a local university. we started out the day in two separate check-in lines—one for parents, the other for students. then we sat in a large auditorium together, getting some basic information for two hours. after… 

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going through a tough time right now? i bet it’s not your first, is it? meaning, i bet this isn’t the first time you’ve had to go through something hard. maybe it was a friend who suddenly unfriended you when you were in middle school. or that high school chemistry… 

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follow the leader

leader—it’s such a coveted word. everyone wants to be a leader. when you are younger, the word is intoxicating. being a leader means having power, being accepted, admired. it means getting to determine the direction, the course, not only for you but others. it means being noticed. some dive headlong… 

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missing person

there’s nothing worse than when someone you love is missing. especially when you can see them every day. maybe you’ve been there at some point in your life. maybe you’re there now. i think we all have. i’ve known people in my past who were just different than they were… 

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food memories

as a kid, every summer involved a week-long trip with my mom and my brother to the mountains of north Georgia for a week. i bet in your head, you are envisioning a picturesque cabin, hiking through beautiful forests or splashing down mountain rapids. sorry, this wasn’t that kind of… 

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an open apology to all parents

i will openly admit that i’m a critical person. it’s ingrained in my fleshly nature. most of the time, there’s really nothing good about this aspect of who i am. (however, it does come in handy in my job as an editor.) many of my judgments have proven to be… 

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(originally posted in 2013) YouthWalk, the magazine i edited for ten years, won numerous awards after i left. my friends, Laurin and Travis, did a great job in my absence and they won some accolades for their efforts. i’m proud of them. but it’s hard to find the words to tell them. you see,… 

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pass the bucket

i drive about 45 minutes to work every day. there are a couple of different routes i can take, but regardless of which way i go, it always takes me 45 minutes. if you live in metro atlanta, my commute is average. if you live elsewhere, you may find that… 

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playing favorites

my kids have been asking me, “who’s your favorite?”one of them even gave me a picture frame with the words “from your favorite son” on it. so i guess i should let them know which one gets this coveted role. there’s part of me that would love for them to… 

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a foolish love story

some stories just need to be told with no flowery language, or clever phrases. so i’m going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl. this story took place 21 years ago on a day called april fool’s day, april 1. the boy was a fool. not just… 

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