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one man’s treasure

i heard it but i didn’t believe it.
i thought it was something that just happened to other people.
i thought it was something that happened to people who were too sentimental, or too unappreciative of today.
i was wrong.

it’s happened to me.

today my oldest son started high school.
class of 2015. this is 2011. do the math.
that’s not very long.

“it goes so fast.”
“treasure the moments.”

when i’ve heard those phrases in the past, i just nodded my head in agreement. and internally thought, “whatever.”

sure there have been times when i did want it to go fast. like when i was changing diapers all day long. or constantly watching over him.

i couldn’t wait for my kids to become more independent.
now i’m missing a little of that dependence.

i know these words have been written by every parent. and i know that i’m not alone by any means.
and i’m not even sure how i could have treasured those moments more.
i lived them. i survived them. i pushed through them.
but “treasure”—what does that even mean? that i keep a scrapbook? i don’t have that kind of patience, or even a desire to put that much effort into one.

but i guess one person’s “treasure” is different from another.

the other day, my two younger sons wanted to play baseball, and in a rare guest appearance, their older brother wanted to play too. they were thrilled. any time with a busy, very social big brother is golden for them.

i was the designated pitcher, not because i’m good at it. but because i didn’t want to run around chasing a ball on a 100 degree day. this isn’t my first rodeo.

and while i was pitching to my oldest son, i remembered a moment years ago pitching to him with a plastic ball and bat. i remember telling him to watch the ball, and moving the ball around to see if he moved his eyes in coordination.

i was doing that again on this day as well.

a warmth flooded my chest, and it had nothing to do with the hot summer day. it was a memory. a treasured one. because it was stored away like a valuable keepsake, like gold in a treasure chest. and i remembered a fun time i had with my son.

i can’t capture a moment and hang on to it forever. life moves too fast. and if you’re so busy recording life, sometimes you actually forget to live it.  i can’t rest in one spot for years or i will miss out on today.

but i treasure them, i store them away. and on occasion, i pull them out and admire their beauty, their purity.

and i pray that many more will added.
life goes by fast. you can’t stop forever. you can only pause.
you can’t rewind and relive something in the exact same way.
but you can treasure. you can store it up.
you can remember.

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2 thoughts on “one man’s treasure

  1. Great post! I had the opposite moment just today– Cale was across the room with a look of such classic concentration and I had a flash forward of him older- same look, much taller. Thinking about how he had that look even as an infant and how fast it’s gone. And my heart hurt in a good full way. Thanks for sharing. I bet your boys will treasure moments like these someday too.

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