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i’ve always been a “B” team kind of guy.
i never was the most popular. but i also wasn’t the least popular.
i didn’t win the awards. i was either not recognized or got an honorable mention.

that’s even followed me into my adult life. when i was a magazine editor, i was part of a professional organization that would give out awards to publications each year. i submitted my columns and my magazine, and every year, i would wonder if they would call my name.

i won one year—second place.

those moments can really mess with your head. you begin to think that you don’t measure up. that there’s a disclaimer to everything you do. that what you did is good, but not as good as.

that you are invisible.

maybe that’s why when the unnoticed get noticed, it makes me tear up every time.

the part in the movie Rudy when the crowd starts chanting his name.
the scene in Spider-man 2 when the crowd on the subway car gently lifts his beaten body above their heads, finally recognizing his heroism.
an online video about an autistic kid making three pointers in a basketball game and the crowd going wild.
someone getting a check who desperately needed it.
someone being recognized who’s always in the background.

i don’t actively seek the spotlight. but if i’m completely honest, i both stay away from it, yet secretly crave it.

i want to be noticed.
in fact, i think every one of us does.
it’s why some tweet or post on FB.
it’s why some write blogs.
it’s why we do a lot of the things we do—good or bad.

because when someone notices you, you matter.

i think we all know that shouldn’t be the case. that we get our worth from something other than the recognition of others.
but we all want it—whether we’re obvious about it like a kardashian, or play it cool and aloof.

the other day someone recognized my skills for an opportunity. it wasn’t the right fit, but it sure felt good to be noticed.
it gave me a sense that i still have something to offer, that i was valuable.

it’s something God tries to tell me all the time. unfortunately, when God says it, i tend to give it as much weight as a grandparent saying i’m handsome. He has to say it, right?

maybe that’s why He uses other people, other things to communicate it to me. it’s that important to Him. He wants me to get the message and He’s not content to just let His words lie flat on the ground. He wants them to penetrate my heart.

so He uses Scripture.
He uses the actions of other people.
He uses the word of other people.
He uses a song.
He uses a movie, book or TV show.

He whispers just low enough that i have to lean in to listen.
and He reminds me that He notices.
that i’m not forgotten.
while others may be clueless as to what i do, or even who i am, He isn’t.

i’m not an honorable mention.
i’m not “less than.”
and i love that He never gives up telling me that, no matter how many times i’m reluctant to believe it.

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6 thoughts on “noticed

  1. love it! my favorite statement is…”He whispers just low enough that I have to lean in to listen.” I’ve found that to be true more often than not.

  2. Thanks for this, Tim. I must be cut from the same sheet of cellophane as you are. I love what you do with words, and these ones have struck a very poignant chord in my soul today.

    1. thanks, jenna. and i love that statement, “same sheet of cellophane.” especially since most of the time i end up making a big mess when i try to get a sheet of cellophane.

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