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i really don’t like repeating myself. i like to say something and be heard the first time.

i really don’t like repeating myself. i like to say something and be heard the first time.

yeah, the being-heard-the-first-time doesn’t happen very often.

the problem is that when it comes to my family, it’s not very often when we’re all in the same room when something has to be communicated. and so i often have to answer the same question several times. and by the time the third kid asks the same question, there’s usually a generous helping of frustration and annoyance blended in with the answer.

to resolve this issue, i think i’ll take a cue from the media, and start holding family press conferences.

maybe it would look something like this:

“thank you all for coming today. as many of you know we have a busy day planned this saturday. yes, son #1 on the couch?”

“what exactly are we doing?”

“we have a busy day that starts off with basketball practice at 9am. yes, son #1?”

“what time do we have to leave?”

“8:30. uh, son #2 on the floor. you, uh, have the floor?”

“what time is practice on Saturday?”

“the time i just mentioned is 9am, we’ll leave at 8:30am.”

“oh, okay”

“son #3, you’re late to the press conference. did you have a question?”

“yeah, what are we doing Saturday?”

“okay, now that we have everyone in the same room, i’m going to say this just one more time. on Saturday, we have basketball practice at 9am?”

my wife walks in, looking at her phone. “what are we doing on Saturday?”

oh, well. time for plan B, or C, or W.

i think i’ll just record myself responding, so all i have to do is hit play.
or maybe send a mass text, but then it would have to compete with all the other texts.

maybe i need a megaphone.
or i’ll get a robot who can just answer questions.
yeah, definitely a robot.

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