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a different kind of favorite

my wife and i have taught our kids that when they are eating something they don’t like, instead of talking about how much they hate something, or how disgusting it is, to instead say, “it’s not my favorite.”

2011, you’re not my favorite.

while it hasn’t been catastrophic, it has been, well like i said, not my favorite.

now let me set the record straight.

i have an amazing wife and three incredible kids.
i have a job.
i have a home.
i have a car.
i have friends.

i have a meal every night.
i eat more than i should.
i have a number of graphic tees to choose from and a few pairs of jeans.
my kids have the basic essentials and even a few extras.

i even got an iPad this year.

but personally, there have been things that have just been, well tough. not earth shattering, but things that have challenged me to lean into God more. things that reminded me that life is about more than my sense of order or my correct choices.

i’m not whining.
i don’t even want God to take it all away.
i don’t want Him to wipe away the past year like a whole season of Dallas. (some of you won’t get that reference.)

because this year hasn’t been about God making it all go away.
it’s not about “deliver me.”
it’s about “God, walk through this with me.”
i don’t expect next year to be utopia.
but regardless of what it brings, it’s not about God making it all go away.
it’s about Him walking through it with me.

and in the process, i’m going to draw closer to His heart. and find out a few things about my own heart as well.

so while i would not have chosen every circumstance in 2011, the reality is that it’s a different kind of favorite because of the things God has done and is doing in me.

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