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i’m not the most coordinated person in the world.

in college, i earned the nickname “ankles” in my fraternity because i sprained my ankle not once, but twice in the same week.

one time i fell out of the back of a truck while it was parked in the garage and twisted my ankle.

i’m the guy who catches a baseball or a frisbee with his face. (that’s why I scream like a little girl on the inside when anything is thrown at me.)

i’m the guy who trips over his own two feet while walking on the sidewalk.

i’m clumsy.

my klutzy nature trips over into my spiritual walk as well.

it’s OK when I keep things separate and orderly, but if life ever gets messy, i’m probably going to trip up.

so you can just imagine what happens when i try to coordinate what i’m learning in the Bible with the rest of my life—disaster. for example, Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are love God and love other people.

i don’t have a problem loving God. i can do that very well. but love other people? well, I have good intentions. i read Scripture or hear a great sermon and think, “i’m all over that, God. let’s do it. i’m ready to show everyone Your love, God.”

but then I have to actually do it.

love my neighbor? love that little kid in my neighborhood who’s always at my house—uh, how about someone else?

OK, let’s start with people at church. oh, but that’s really going to mean messing up my schedule. i’m busy and i really don’t have time for anything else.

before I know it, i’m tripping all over myself and giving others a very clumsy view of what God’s love looks like. when I try to walk it out, it gets sprained. it becomes conditional. i sometimes step on people’s feet. and let’s face it, it’s not very pretty.

i know God must look at me and think, “that’s gotta hurt. what a nasty spill! so unnecessary.” because the truth is if I could just quit walking all over my own two feet and walk in His Spirit instead, things would look a lot better.

it doesn’t mean loving others would be easier—because let’s face it, people can be really annoying. but maybe my expectations, hang-ups, and fears might dwindle. i might not care as much about their perception of me and care more about how they see God.

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