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adventures in small talk: episode 3

if you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’re well aware of my small talk deficiency. after a couple of minutes, my ability to engage someone in conversation quickly expires to the point of a milk carton in a college student’s refrigerator. (see my previous posts, adventures in small talk… 

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adventures in small talk: episode 2

if you’ve seen my previous post, you already know that i’m socially awkward when it comes to small talk. i lack an athletic gene, and i’m also missing a small talk gene. and while Facebook allows us to become more connected in an easy way, unfortunately it has contributed to… 

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adventures in small talk: episode 1

there are a few things missing from my dna strand. in addition to an absence of athletic ability—which somehow got passed from my father to my brother, and skipped me—i also lack a small talk gene. i have the complete ability to shut down a conversation and lead it to… 

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level 47

this month, i unlock level 47. i didn’t do much to achieve this. i didn’t run a marathon. defeat an ogre. jump through a maze. rescue a princess. capture enough gold coins. stop an alien invasion. i merely lived. i didn’t die. i hope that continues for awhile. i’m in the middle… 

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food memories

as a kid, every summer involved a week-long trip with my mom and my brother to the mountains of north Georgia for a week. i bet in your head, you are envisioning a picturesque cabin, hiking through beautiful forests or splashing down mountain rapids. sorry, this wasn’t that kind of… 

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pass the bucket

i drive about 45 minutes to work every day. there are a couple of different routes i can take, but regardless of which way i go, it always takes me 45 minutes. if you live in metro atlanta, my commute is average. if you live elsewhere, you may find that… 

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unlocking level 46

so i turn 46 this weekend (august 30). some say with age comes wisdom, but i’m finding there is a lot more than wisdom in that “benefits package.” here are 10 things i have learned, experienced or i’m processing at age 46. 1) i no longer can shop in the… 

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beware of 9pm

  some people turn into werewolves at night when the moon is full. others grow fangs. me? well after 9pm, i’m just pure evil. as “nice” as everyone thinks i am, once that clock turns from 8:59, i really don’t have much nice to say or think about anyone or… 

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awkward church moments

my younger brother, marc, is the cutup. he was the one who would make my aunts and uncles and grandparents laugh. i was not. i don’t know why i was so intense as a kid, i think it just took everything way too seriously. i probably still do. but there… 

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now that 2013 has drawn to a close, i can look back on this past year and identify two prevalent themes woven throughout the year—money and boxes. unfortunately, the year did not involve boxes of money. 2013 was an expensive year. some things were very good things, and some of… 

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not your typical leadership tips

i have been in the workplace for over 25 years. i have had good bosses, okay bosses and a handful of horrible ones. i had one boss who was a chain smoker. she would only be in the office for about an hour or two during the entire workday because… 

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