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love said not so

some people find God on a mountain peak. others in the power of a waterfall. i find God in heartbreak and sorrow. it’s one of the reasons i was so disoriented when i first got married. so much of my closeness to God during my single days was during times… 

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i used to walk on the treadmill every day. a few years ago, i realized that my old, reliable metabolism had decided to rebel against me like an angst-ridden teen in a john hughes film. so every day, i would get on the treadmill and walk for about 30 minutes…. 

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home on the range

my mom (my first mom for those of you who are regular readers) was mischievous. i’m a “play by the rules” kind of boy. she liked to mess with the rules a little bit. one time, when my dad went on men’s retreat with the church, my mom and her… 

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old school CCM

  i wear nerdy glasses when i read, graphic tees, levis and converse. that’s my outfit of choice. by my own definition, i’m a hipster/geek on a budget. well, maybe in style only. i don’t think i’m that hipster because i also drink whatever coffee is on sale, love comic… 

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