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i don’t have a monopoly on words. i realize that i’m not the only writer in the world. there was a time when that immobilized me. i quit writing because i felt like my words couldn’t hold their own in a world where people can so freely express themselves. but… 

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i like superheroes. i even believe myself to be one on occasion. not in a “pick up a car” kind of way, or “tackle a mugger.” but when i swoop in and save the day, i feel like a justice leaguer until i realize my shirt is riding up over… 

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i leak

i leak. yeah, that’s kind of awkward. don’t start emailing me depends coupons. this isn’t one of those “hidden secrets of your 40s” thing like your eyes change or that you ache a little bit when you get out of bed. but i have this problem, i leak emotion. now i… 

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superhero tee

  sometimes at work, i wear my superhero t-shirt. not because i need to make sure everyone knows what a geek i am. they already can guess that. just talk sports with me. you’ll pick up on it. no, sometimes i wear a superhero t-shirt because some days require a… 

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being that guy

i don’t know how i got here but somehow here i am—a man. oh, sure. i know the basics about how i actually came into this world. (i do have three kids, i know how this works), but i’m not sure when that magic moment happened when i instantly went… 

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when i was in high school, i infiltrated the AP program. advancement placement. gifted. the supersmart kids’ class. i had tested for AP for both history and english, but came up a few mocking points short. but for some unforseen reason, i got into the AP health class. health was… 

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It was a moment that haunted me for years. A stupid, idiotic, completely senseless act that could only be explained by a complete adolescent brain shutdown. It was a Monday morning, the day after Mother’s Day, a school day. I was in eighth grade. I’ve always been a routine guy,… 

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what it means to be a man

what does it mean to be a man? to be honest with you, i don’t fully know that answer. i’m still figuring it out. just when i think i know what a man is, i understand that there is more to it than that. now obviously there are the anatomical… 

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one more thing

on a Sunday morning a few years ago, i watched a pastor on stage holding about six pieces of luggage. when i first saw the luggage sitting to the side at the beginning of the service, i thought “oh, he’s going to use the whole baggage analogy about how we… 

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i’ve always been a “B” team kind of guy. i never was the most popular. but i also wasn’t the least popular. i didn’t win the awards. i was either not recognized or got an honorable mention. that’s even followed me into my adult life. when i was a magazine… 

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wild game night

my pastor, the great hunter (that’s not a spiritual analogy, he actually does like to hunt and he is pretty great), announced a few weeks ago from the stage with great enthusiasm, “we’re going to have a men’s night and we’ll be having wild game—gator, caribou, venison.” great, i thought…. 

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