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God loves irony. how do i know this? well, it’s not from a particular Bible verse. it’s from my own life. (disclaimer: for my theological friends, i get that a God who sees and knows all really isn’t ironic. irony is from our perspective. but just roll with me here,… 

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no shiny happy parents

i’m not going to pretend that this parenting thing is easy. that if you do all the right things, everything works out great. because people don’t work that way. relationships don’t work that way. if you combine a+b you’ll don’t always get c. that’s the way algebra works, not parenting…. 

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the unpost

hey, parent, i saw that stream of posts about your kid’s accomplishments. yeah, we’re excited too. you’ve got a great kid. we’re big fans. congrats on that little league trophy. on making the team. on that dance recital—she looked so beautiful. on that college scholarship. on that report card—wow, all… 

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the next phase

a few weeks ago, i went with my oldest son to his freshman orientation at a local university. we started out the day in two separate check-in lines—one for parents, the other for students. then we sat in a large auditorium together, getting some basic information for two hours. after… 

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an open apology to all parents

i will openly admit that i’m a critical person. it’s ingrained in my fleshly nature. most of the time, there’s really nothing good about this aspect of who i am. (however, it does come in handy in my job as an editor.) many of my judgments have proven to be… 

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playing favorites

my kids have been asking me, “who’s your favorite?”one of them even gave me a picture frame with the words “from your favorite son” on it. so i guess i should let them know which one gets this coveted role. there’s part of me that would love for them to… 

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final exam

i’ve had my share of neurotic moments in parenting, but i was never one of those parents who felt like my kid was missing out on something. there wasn’t the one preschool that we had to have my son enrolled in. there wasn’t the one team he had to be… 

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the myth of the perfect kid

we parents are an emotional, neurotic mess, aren’t we? sure, some of us are better at hiding it than others, but push the right button or confront the right issue, and every one of us comes to a point when we feel helpless. clueless. lost. we knew so much. maybe… 

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it’s august, and I am officially the father of a senior. a few months ago, when the class of 2014 said their goodbyes, I watched with a renewed attention. this will be us next may. celebrating. dreaming. planning. so much of what i thought I knew about parenting has become… 

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i’m not a fun guy (or a fungi)

  i saw myself on the screen the other night. i wasn’t on the jumbotron at the baseball game. i wasn’t starring in a home movie. no, i saw myself in a movie character. an unlikely one. and the irony is that it was the antagonist of a movie that… 

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the hope rebellion

i have a cynical, sarcastic edge to me. i can easily think of something inappropriate and snarky to say. and i can find the negative in just about anything. maybe it’s my generation. “x,” they called us. we grew up on john hughes films, not high school musical. we struggled… 

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