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from this day forward

“to have and to hold” “from this day forward” what was your wedding day like? was it Pinterest perfect, with . . . personalized touches candles framed quotes lettered perfectly burlap and every petal perfectly in place? or, if you’re like me, it was over 21 years ago today (Sept… 

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“it’s thundering and lightning, get away from that window” my wife declared anxiously from the other side of the room of our newlywed nest. “it’s no big deal,” i answered. “i’ve grown up in Georgia. i’ve seen a few thunderstorms in my life.” her request seemed silly to me. she’s… 

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a foolish love story

some stories just need to be told with no flowery language, or clever phrases. so i’m going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl. this story took place 21 years ago on a day called april fool’s day, april 1. the boy was a fool. not just… 

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valentine’s day challenge 2015

for the past few years, valentine’s day has been challenge. not in a “this is hard” kind of way, but in a friendly competition way. (if you’re not sure what i’m talking about, read this post from last year.) and for most of the years we’ve done this, my wife,… 

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building altars

i hate road trips. i’m not a “joy in the journey” kind of guy. i just want to get there and get it over with. i’ve been after my kids for years to invent a teleporter, but my lazy children haven’t taken up that directive. the only thing that makes… 

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20 years

20 years. 20 years ago today, a beautiful 25-year-old woman trusted her heart to me. not just for a day, or a month, or a year. but for a lifetime. before that day, it was uncertain if i would even be trustworthy of such a gift. i was scared. i… 

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dynamic duo

for a few weeks every august, my wife jennifer and i are the same age. her birthday is in early august, mine is at the end of the month. but after that, i regain my status as the eldest Walker in our household. and while we may be the same… 

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chair #1 or chair #2?

there’s one way to create tension in my relationship with my wife, jennifer. it has nothing to do with clothes left on the floor. or dishes left in the sink. or toilet seats in a certain position. it has to do with choice. specifically, purchasing something that costs hundreds of… 

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how to celebrate an 18th wedding anniversary

  my 18th wedding anniversary was on monday, september 24. special occasions and mondays are an oxymoron. life is just too crazy on monday. well, if i’m really honest, life is crazy every day of the week. it’s just the season we’re in right now. we have three very social kids,… 

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mother’s day

mother’s day is a weird holiday for me. it should be right? after all, i’m a guy. it’s not about me. my day comes in june. but it’s weird for a few reasons. first, my mom died the day after mother’s day when i was 13. so that brings up… 

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