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rightpathtesti love taking tests—personality tests. i like to know why i do the things i do. personality tests sort of make me feel normal—or at least like i’m in good company with my eccentricities.

i know not everyone feels that way. my wife isn’t particularly fond of them. she doesn’t stare at her own navel like i do, or analyze every thought or word that comes to mind. she’s much more comfortable in her own skin, and makes others feel the same way.

i’m pretty sure a personality test would reveal that as well.

so when i was asked recently to take the “right path” test at work, i was excited. it’s been years since i’ve taken a personality test, and i wanted to see how the experiences and environments i’ve been working in have possibly shaped or changed me—or simply drawn out more of how i’ve always been wired.

the test didn’t reveal anything new, but it did give some normalcy to how i think and react. here’s what it revealed:

  • i’m a deep thinker. deep thinkers tend to be logical (it’s why folding fitted sheets is still a mystery to me), organized, conscientious, thorough, analytical, prepared. (just heard an amen from my family on that one.)
  • i’m task oriented. (i love a good to do list.)
  • deep thinkers like to know the plan. (my father can attest to this, especially on summer vacations. “what are we going to do next?”)
  • i move cautiously into new areas. (i have to know what’s in that pond before i jump in.)
  • i’m not adventurous. (i don’t have a burning desire to see the world or jump out of a plane.)
  • typically drained by social contact. (i can only spend so much time around people before i need some cave time.)
  • i’m introverted.
  • i’m independent. (cue michael jackson’s “leave me alone”)
  • i’m a mixture of concrete and abstract. i like structure and organization, but also like creativity. (it’s probably why i loved working on a magazine—deadlines and creativity.)
  • i project a moderate level of compassion. (if i wasn’t married to jennifer, this would be much lower. she makes my heart grow in this area—whether i want it to or not.)
  • can have unreasonable expectations for self and others. (one of my biggest struggles in marriage and parenting—balancing my expectations with reality.)
  • average drive and competitiveness. (yeah, i like to win. but it’s not the end of the world if i don’t. unless it’s something really personal to me—like my writing.)
  • projects average resourcefulness. (i am not resourceful. i am not the guy to pull together everything you need to pull something off. but i will do my best to make what i already have work.)
  • this one was a big one—“if someone steps forward to provide strong, quality leadership, they are usually very content to fall in and follow that lead. however, if no clear leader emerges, they also are comfortable moving into that leadership role.” (i won’t stage a revolt or push my way to the top, but if no one is going to step up and lead to get something done, then i’ll do it.)

this kind of stuff lets me in on how God has wired me. it affirms me. i’m let’s me know that while i’m crazy, i’m not unusually crazy.

i’m sure that showed up on the report too—“insecure about sanity.”

so what are some things you are learning about you, lately? any surprises? affirmations?

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One thought on “brain scan

  1. What a fun post! 3 thoughts:
    1. I think it’s funny that you stare at your navel only because i had a student show me this week that she can convert her innie to an outie and I think it might be the WEIRDEST thing I’ve ever seen!

    2. It looks like the last part of our RightPath is very similar. Believe it or not, I am an introvert- a loud one, but drained by it. At our house we have an “Only child cave” aka a room that I decorated where I go to write or just not talk to anyone he he.

    3. Glad I found your blog!

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