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best of 2013

i love best of lists. it’s one of my favorite parts about the year end. here is a list of the top 10 posts from in 2013, based on the number of views.

10. the taming of the sass mouth

i have a wicked tongue, but i’m trying to tame it.

9. from here to there (part 2 of 2)
after college, when i was trying to find a job, i always wondered how various professionals got the job they had. this is a peek into my work journey.

8. noticed
when someone notices you, it feels like you matter.

7. haunted
ever had a moment that haunted you? something you wish you would have done differently? this is about the last time i interacted with my mom before she died.

6. one more thing
it’s not that i expect everything to go great, it’s just having one more thing to deal with.

5. team of one
i don’t work on a team. i’m kind of the “random project” guy. that has pluses and minuses. so i’m trying to look out for my team of one.

4. chair #1 or chair #2?
my wife and i have a tough time making big decisions. well, and sometimes small decisions.

3. 10 minutes
2013 brought a move for us. this is the story behind our move.

2. moving
leaving behind our old home wasn’t easy. God did a lot there.

and the #1 post for 2013 is . . .

the day i stopped running
the words or actions of others can trip us up, and take us out of the race.

thanks for reading this blog this past year. i hope the words continue to flow in 2014, and along the way, that God uses these posts to bring something significant into your day.


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image courtesy of commons/by Vin on the move

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